List of Publications about Agoez Perdana


The following is a list of publications about Agoez Perdana in the capacity as speakers in several webinar, news sources in media, co-authors of books, informants for journals. Include type of publication, title, publisher, year of publication:

A. As Webinar Speakers:

1. Training Media Management by AMSI, 2022: Business Environment, URL:

2. Digital Talk’s Literacy by Katadata Indonesia, 2021: Safe Learning Through Google, URL:

3. Reporting in the Time of the Pandemic by atamerica, 2020, URL:

B. As News Source:

1. Sulawesi Digital Literacy 2021: Good Language on the Internet, Leaves a Positive Footprint, published by, 2021, URL:

2. Criminalization of Journalists Using Rubber Articles Still Often Happens, published by, 2020, URL :

3. Adhere to the Journalistic Code of Ethics to Avoid Legal Liberation, published by, 2020, URL:

4. After Presidential Debate, Fact Check Site Hacked into Ghost Video, published by, 2019, URL:

5. Fight Misinformation, Journalists in Bireuen, Aceh, Join Google News Initiative Training Network, published by, 2019, URL:

6. AJI Medan said criminalization of journalists can adversely affect press freedom, published by Tribun Medan Newspaper, 2018, URL : 

7. Journalists from Papua and West Papua Participate in Anti Hoax Journalism Training, Published by, 2017 URL:

8. Youth should smart while using social media, published by Medan Bisnis Daily Newspaper, 2017, URL: 

9. AJI Medan Condemns Police Detaining Student Press Participating in National Education Day Action, published by, 2017, URL: 

10. AJI Medan Asks DPR to Remove Article 27 Paragraph 3 of the ITE Law, published by, 2016, URL: 

11. Indonesian Air Force involved in alleged assault on journalists, published by International Freedom of Expression Exchange, 2016, URL:

12. Media campaign to stimulate balance report on religious-based conflict, published by World Interfaith Harmony Week, 2016, URL:

13. AJI Medan Criticizes the Shooting of Three Journalists, published by Tempo, 2015, URL:

C. Books:

1. Encouraging Accountability of Broadcasting Media Ratings, as co-author, published by AJI Jakarta, 2016, URL:

D. Journals:

1. Disruption and Collaboration in Digital Journalism: Ambivalence of Social Responsibility and Political Economy Practices of Media Companies. Malaysian Journal of Communication Jilid 37 (1) 2021: 181-195, as source/informant, URL:

2. Law Enforcement of Criminal Acts of Obstructing Press Freedom Based on Law Number 40 of 1999 concerning the Press. Journal of Focus UPMI, Vol. 8(3) 2019: 89-97, as source/informant, URL:

3. Human Rights Education in Asia-Pacific Volume 7, as source informant, published by Asia Pacific Human Rights Information Center, as source/informant, 2017, URL:

4. Journalists Professional Organizations and Human Rights Education in North Sumatra. Human Rights Education in Asia-Pacific – Volume Seven 2016: 117-140, as source/informant, URL:


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